SPACE 2021 the international livestock show
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SPACE TV by Web-Agri

Two Innov'Space  awards for Krone: Dynamic Parking Jack and EasyNet

After receiving two Innov'Space 2020 awards for innovations designed to improve operator safety and comfort, Julien Claudon and Rémi Chenevière present us the awarded innovations.

Two objectives for the Gaec Collin-Berrée (35): reduce phytos and the work load

Julien Collin testifies about his practices to reduce the use of phytosanitary products on his mixed crop and livestock farm. Another challenge for the breeder: reducing the workload in view of his parents' retirement.

What use are preservatives for both maize and grass?

In what situation should a silage preservative be introduced? How is it applied and how does it work? What are the different types of preservatives? How much do they cost? What return on investment can be expected? For both forage maize and grass silage, Anthony Uijttewaal of Arvalis-Institut du végétal gives us some answers on the Space TV web-agri set.

Presentation of the Euroval indexation for cross-breeding meat on dairy cows

Many dairy farmers practice terminal meat crossbreeding on their herd, but how many really look at the choice of bull? With €uroval, Auriva élevage offers breeders the opportunity to better target the use of a bull according to their expectations.

[Kuhn feeding robot] the self-propelled mixer feeder Aura is used directly in the silo

Yannick Sellin, export manager at Kuhn, present the new self-propelled mixer feeder Aura. Completely independent, it ensures the desilage, the weighing, the mixing, the distribution and the regrowth of the feed. For this innovation, Aura won an Innov'Space 2020.

Post-installation follow-up: for who? why?

Interview of Marie-Isabelle Le Bars, installation and transfert officer at Chambre d'Agriculture de Bretagne.

[Grand debate] Impossible pedagogy of livestock farms: how to reconnect breeders and consumers?

With Florence Gramond (BVA Group), Etienne Fourmont (éleveur laitier), Dominique GAUTIER (éleveuse porcine) et Gabrielle DUFOUR (Datafarm) 

Mule duck in-ovo sexing machine by Des Machine - ORVIA

Interview of Marion Keravec, Communication officer at Orvia. Machine Des: special mention of Innov'Space 2020 jury. 

Interview of Anne Marie QUEMENER, Exhibition Manager at SPACE

The digital edition of SPACE 2020 is launched. Anne Marie QUEMENER, General Manager at SPACE, presents the highlights of this week.

Interview of Anne Marie QUEMENER, Exhibition Manager at SPACE

Although SPACE 2020 will not take place in its usual form, the organizers are still planning several events from September 15 to 18. Conferences, interviews, Innov'Space awards, but also networking between breeders and exhibitors... Anne-Marie Quemener tells us more about the upcoming program.

Pâtis farm (14) : Normandes, genetics, dairy processing and visits 

At the Pâtis farm (Calvados), Emilie and Antoine Houssiaux don't have time to get bored. Between the herd of Normandes, the daily dairy processing, the products sales and the reception of groups for visits, there is plenty to do ... Meeting with this passionate and energetic couple...