SPACE 2021 the international livestock show
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SPACE is the 2nd global livestock farming exhibition

SPACE 'Planet Livestock' is globally recognized as a key event by everyone and anyone in livestock farming, due to its location at the heart of a large farming area in Europe, its professional status and its international scale.


The growing of the international exhibitors and visitorship, coming from more than 120 countries, gives SPACE a strong international reputation

During SPACE 2019, almost 500 exhibitors were international coming from 42 different countries. 2/3 of exhibitors reported having an international activity of planning to develop one. This reflects SPACE's ability to attract livestock professionals from all around the world.

More than 14 700 international visitors from 122 countries attended SPACE 2019. 60% of them discovered for the first time the exhibition in 2019. 

International Club SPACE 2019