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A showcase for genetics

Top of Genetics at SPACE

Livestock presentations and competitions are traditionally featured throughout the days of the Expo. We made no changes to the basic programme despite the switch to a 3-day format at SPACE. Every year, SPACE hosts a world-class Breed Show with 550 cattle of 15 breeds and 200 sheep and goats of 12 breeds.

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Rouge des Prés and Normandy breeds in the spotlight

In 2021, SPACE honored two cattle breeds from the West of France.

Tuesday was dedicated to beef breeds with a National Rouge des Prés competition. The 80 best animals were recruited manly from the birthplace of the breed, but Eastern France was also be represented.

On Wednesday, 90 Normande cattle were competed in the National competition. There were many animations to highlight the breed's advantages in terms of milk, meat and international development.

Rouge des Prés

European Simmental Challenge and 10 interregional competitions

The Simmental breed was in highlighted at SPACE 2021 with a European Challenge. The animals came from France, Germany and Austria. This breed presents on 5 continents combines dairy and meat production, continues to develop in Western France.

Other highly moments, the Prim'Holstein Atlantique competition and the 10 interregional competitions which are a great source of pride for breeders who have an animal selected for SPACE.

European Simmental Challenge

The SPACE 2021 Genomic Elite Sale

In 2021, only one heifer per breed was be present at Rennes Parc-Expo. SPACE. All bids were made on internet and shown on a big screen during the heifers parade on Wednesday 15th September.

During SPACE 2021, 7 breeds were reprensented : Holstein, Normande, Jersey, Pie Rouge, Brown,  Montbéliarde and Simmental, the Genomic Elite Sale is a unique event in Europe. Animals from Germany and Denmark were also on sale.

Genomic Elite Sale