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Autonomous Self-Propelled Mixer

The AURA autonomous self-propelled mixer combines all the functions of loading, silage removal, weighing, mixing, distribution and feed pusher. It thus allows the farmer to have a completely autonomous precision feeding solution from the silo to the trough. The loading device allows silage removal directly at the silo for silage or even directly in long forage stocks.

With a capacity of 3 m3, AURA allows multi-distribution throughout the day in order to regularly provide a fresh ration from the silos (animals "wellbeing" and performance impacts).

All AURA's components have been sized to feed the herd at very low user costs.

The guidance outside the buildings is managed by GPS RTK technology combined with odometer, while inside buildings the guidance is handled by LIDAR combined with odometer.

The 42 kW diesel engine can be combined with hybridization, thus providing silent operation and zero emissions during distribution.

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