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Hydraulic Power Pack large steering angle on trailed straw spreader

Suitable for Vulcano trailed disc straw spreader, “Agility” hydraulic power pack is positioned on the 3rd rear point of the tractor. Its positioning enables a very large steering angle and the possibility of safely spreading straw during manoeuvring. Indeed, as the hydraulic power pack is always aligned with the tractor, the universal joint remains in optimum position during manoeuvres. This brand new design prevents any risk of interference between the universal joint on the one hand and the wheels and the lifting arms on the other hand. Mechanical breakdowns and accidents are therefore avoided. Even when turning at 82°, the universal joint remains aligned with the tractor. It therefore works under optimum safety and performance conditions. Significant reduction in effort associated with stopping and starting the power take-off. Easier hitching/unhitching of the straw spreader without disconnecting the tractor's “Agility”. The Agility hydraulic power pack is separate from the straw spreader to increase the possibilities of using it with other tractor machinery.

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