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Wear plate & magnet

New options on mixer buckets

Desvoys company, French maker, innovates and presents two news improvement on his feed buckets.
The first one aims at strengthen the bucket bottom by bolting a Hardox plate, an abrasion resistant steel. Abrasion due to fodder friction. It's economic and fast. It's no longer necessary to change the bucket in totality or to call after sales service. The user orders the parts, removes and simply replaces the sheet by taking off the bolts.
The second innovation based on the flighted screw. It's an interesting part for the cattle security. Two or four magnets, according to the model, are mounted on flighted screw extremity to attract unwanted metallic elements in the feed. In this way, it limits the veterinary costs.
Who are we ? : The company DESVOYS, an agricultural equipment manufacturer, provides a comprehensive line of high quality products and an array of options for an optimal adaptation of the machine to your specific needs.

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