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Open Top Premium Single & Duo

The complete mobile indoor calf housing solution

The CalfOTel Open Top Premium is a mobile calf box suitable for farmers who want to keep calves indoors or under a roof. It is designed with special focus on hygiene, ease of use, and labor reduction.

The manure catch tray mounted underneath is made of sturdy polyester which makes it very easy to clean. The drain at the back allows for draining over a drain pipe connected to your manure pit.

The drain in the manure catch tray can be closed, allowing you to place the mobile calf box at a convenient location for the veal trader, without the need for a proper urine and manure draining floor.

The grating is designed to be very easy to place and remove. It can be removed in seconds, which allows the you to clean both top and bottom side thoroughly.

The front gate is a double hinged with a big open gate for easy access with bedding/straw. The big access also allows for easy placement of a newborn calf. The smaller access gate allows you to enter and exit without disturbing the drinking calf.

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