SPACE 2020 the international exhibition for Livestock
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Animal competitions at SPACE

A world-class genetics hub

Top de la génétiqueEvery year, around 700 animals are exhibited at SPACE, selected for their high genetic value: 

- 550 cattle from 15 breeds: Prim'Holstein, Limousine, Normande, Montbéliarde, Charolaise, Salers, Pie Rouge, Jersey, Swiss Brown...

- 200 sheep and goats from 12 breeds: Ile-de-France, Mouton Vendéen, Suffolk, Charollais, Bleu du Main, Texel...

Excellence in health and safety: a strategic issue for farms at the forefront of the exhibition.

In 2019, SPACE hosted a Pie Rouge breed European Challenge and a Salers breed National Festival.

TUESDAY: the beef breeds events

Five beef breeds (Charolais, Rouge des Prés, Parthenais, Limousin and Blonde d'Aquitaine) were in interregional competitions.

The Salers breed were featured in a National competition. The 70 best animals in the breed were competing. The animals were recruited mainly from the birthplace of the breed, but Eastern and Western France were represented.

WEDNESDAY: the Pie Rouge European Challenge, interregional competitions and a high quality multi-breed auction

60 Normand, 12 French Brown, 12 Jersey and 45 Pie Rouge cattle were on show in the ring.

For the 1st Pie Rouge European Challenge, animals from the Netherlands and Germany were expected.

At the end of the afternoon, genotyped animals of 7 different breeds were offered for sale.

THURSDAY : Prim’Holstein Atlantique Competition

After the Prim'Holstein France Challenge in 2018, we hosted the Prim'Holstein Atlantique competition. The Prim'Holstein competition at SPACE is now a key event at the European level for all breed enthusiasts.

The Grand Champion were declared at the end of the afternoon.

The highly regarded Swiss judges, Pascal Henchoz and Martin Kipfer, officiated.

FRIDAY: Dairy Breed Event and parade of prize-winners

The interregional competitions of the Montbéliarde and Simmental breeds took place on Friday.

A horse presentation by the Brittany Horse Council was planned.

The Show was end with a parade of all the cattle that have won prizes during the week.