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KRONE Net chute EasyNet

Easy loading of net rollers EasyNet KRONE on VariPack Plus round ballers

Despite the strong technological evolution of round balers in recent years, net reloading is an action that has not changed much in principle: it should be loaded with the roll in the axis of the machine, and carry at arm's length or on the shoulders to accommodate it in its receptacle closest to the baler chamber.

However, a user may have to carry more than 1 ton of net in a year of pressing, without mentioning his other daily tasks. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the leading cause of occupational diseases recognized in agriculture (93.3% in 2016 in France).

The new EasyNet KRONE net rollers chute designed by KRONE for the VariPack Plus round balers allows to easily load a roll of net, alone and without tools. It greatly reduces the risk of MSDs for the driver since he no longer needs to carry the roller. It also increases safety because it no longer needs to climb up. Finally, it increases productivity, since change takes place very quickly.

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