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KRONE Dynamic parking jack

KRONE Dynamic parking jack for VENDRO tedders

The KRONE Dynamic parking jack on Vendro tedders provides both safety for the breeder but also longevity for his equipment.

Unique on the market and patented, the Dynamic KRONE parking jack allows to unhitch the VENDRO tedder at 3 fixed points once the jack is unfolded. Thus, in the event of incorrect coupling or uncoupling operations, there is no risk of the tedder pinching the user against the tractor, or that a user is injured when walking behind.

Another advantage, the 2 central wheels of the tedder no longer touch the ground for 11 months of the year and support the tedder load as was the case until then. This saves time when the haymaking season comes back, but also allows a substantial saving since the risk of cracking or flat tyres of the wheels is low.

Finally, the tedder can be uncoupled in the folded position without risk, which can easily find a place in the farm building for the winter but also more freespace more for forage for example.

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