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An assessment of the pig farm biosecurity level on-line

Biosecurity is essential to reduce the use of antibiotics in pig farms and to prevent the African swine fever risk. In the framework of the French Ecoantibio plan, IFIP has created a tool which objective is to evaluate biosecurity level of a farm and help pig farmers to change their practices.
PorcProtect enables to make either a fast assessment of the farm biosecurity with an audit based on 30 questions. PorcProtect enables a detailed evaluation of the external or internal biosecurity level. They can identify in which biosecurity theme where they need to make improvements thanks to a graphic representation of percentages of good answers and percentages of answers to be improved.
There is also a data basis which represents the average biosecurity level of other pig farms so as users to compare the level of application of biosecurity measures to other farms.
In order to help users to understand the positive impact of a practice, the biosecurity measures to be followed are presented on technical sheets.
PorcProtect is a free on-line tool available on computer and tablet.

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