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Sliding hay rack for horses

The Sliding hay rack HAYTEK has been designed for the wellness of horses and breeders. It is in compliance with the Excellence level of the EquuRES certification (highest level), thanks to a permanent access to hay, while limiting waste at the same time. The solid bottom of the hay rack enables to keep a clean and healthy fodder to feed the horses.
The low position of the fodder is in perfect harmony with the physiology of the animal (relaxing posture) and prevents the accumulation of dust in the nostrils. In order to limit the bulk, we chose an in-between pens hay rack. Its shape has been developed in order to prevent the horses from getting hurt by rolling around or by turning over in the stable.
- It enables the drop of a full haystack thanks to its wide front door
- It is entirely sliding, thus freeing the whole rear area for the cleaning of the stables
- It has 2 cupboards, which can be locked, to put away each horse equipment.

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