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Process Lunix™

In-ovo sexing process for Muscovy ducks and mule ducks

Animal welfare is a priority for the actors in the duck sector and consumer expectations. Active member and at the leading edge of innovations in breeding and animal well-being, Grimaud Frères has developed a method of in-ovo sexing. The process can detect the sex of the future ducklings, still in the embryonic stage on two major strains in France: Muscovy and mule ducks. In-ovo sexing process Lunix™ is non-intrusive: it can detect the sex of future ducklings still at the embryonic stage without having to pierce the egg. This technique provides all the health guarantees and allows the ducklings to be sexed on the 9th day, the sensitivity of the embryo being considered active from the 15th day in palmiped species. A spectrometry technique combined with an artificial intelligence and automatic learning device enables the sex of the duckling in the egg to be recognised via a camera using scenarios programmed in the form of algorithms that analyse the colour of the embryo's eyes: light for females, dark for males.

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