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FANTURA tunnel

FANTURA tunnel air inlet

Fancom offers an unique FANTURA tunnel air inlet with a special shape on the upper side of the frame. The V shape allow a constant volume of fresh air even at low ventilation level. The opening is done gradually starting from the top side for a better management of the tunnel mode during the hot temperature period. The 4 mobiles slides are moving down one after the other starting from the top without any offset for an easy installation and minimum damage risk. The tube for the rolling up is design to be connected to a motor winch IM 125 which is able to control 8 air inlet high capacity of 38 200 m3h each at 20 Pa. The FANTURA tunnel air inlet is made in polyurethane isolated, the 4 slides are equipped with Qlon seal to get the FANTURA tunnel air proof. The FANTURA tunnel is delivered in kit.

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