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Corn Grain Particle Size

Theoretical degradability (DT) of starch in rumen

Corn grain is increasingly used as an energy supplementation in cattle rations as it is a concentrate that provides "slow energy" and by pass limiting the risk of acidosis. The finer the corn is ground, the better it digests in the rumen.

Corn Grain Particle Size measures the average particle size and particle homogeneity. These measurements make it possible to calculate the real value of the theoretical degradability (DT) of starch in the rumen, that Elvup integrates into its new rationing tools INRA 2018 & Systali, instead of the "table value". It is 60% for all grain maize while the real value varies from less than 40% to more than 60%. The diet thus developed is more precise, milk production will be in line with expectations and metabolic risks are reduced.

Thanks to the Grain Corn Particle Size, the breeder can evaluate his crushing process, adjust it if necessary and thus reduce starch losses in the manure.

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