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DeLaval Evanza™ milking cluster

The DeLaval Evanza™ milking cluster is the first cluster in the world to utilize a cartridge instead of a liner. The DeLaval Clover™ cartridge has been tested and we observed an increase in milk flow of up to 9.3% and better attachment with reduced milking time of up to 30 min per milking session, a reduction of 7% in time as a result. In addition, teat condition scoring has improved. The cartridge allows a quick and effortless replacement, it takes 1 min to change all four cartridges.
Furthermore, it contains a newly designed claw with redesigned Top-Flow technology and short milk tube with easy to handle quick-connection between the claw and teat-cup. The Evanza light version weights 1.5kg. The new DeLaval Evanza™ milking cluster and DeLaval Evanza™ cartridge will bring significant benefits to farmers and cows in terms of substantial improvements in performance, animal welfare, service, ergonomic and reliability.

Oméga Parc - Bâtiment 5
3, bd Jean Moulin