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The first Xenosensor on the market to manage contaminants in feed

Mycotoxins and feed contaminants are a growing problem in the current context of changing husbandry and climate (feed is contaminated by several types of mycotoxins). INEDIA enables a new approach to the management of mycotoxins, not by capturing them, but by raising the tolerance thresholds of animals to them by stimulating the metabolism of xenobiotics.

INEDIA maintains zootechnical performance in the presence of mycotoxins by managing the oxidative stress that induces the stimulation of endogenous antioxidant enzymes necessary to maintain digestive and hepatic structural integrity. It stimulates endogenous xenosensors involved in the management of mycotoxins and stimulates enzymes involved in the metabolism of xenobiotics. INEDIA is neither specific to a contaminant nor a mycotoxin and responds to a reality on the ground: the poly-contamination of feed. It is a phytogenic additive which is fully assimilated by the organism while meeting animal welfare criteria.

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