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Evisceration modular base

BAYLE innovates and launches the first evisceration modular base for poultry with adaptable tools.

Especially designed for small slaughterhouses, FLEXEVI is a modular base designed on a cross-table principle that allows perfect evisceration results regardless of the tool chosen. FLEXEVI-DJB is the first version of this innovative concept of evisceration. It allows a cropping thanks to the gimlet that cross the poultry and effectively remove the crop. The tools are cleaned by a brush system to ensure optimal hygiene when they are lifted up.

Thanks to an electrical system, the settings are precise and quick between the different batches. With a tool stroke of up to 730 mm, the FLEXEVI-DJB allows to adapt to all types of poultry.

FLEXEVI is recommended for slaughterhouses of up to 800 poultry/h. This innovative concept will allow the use in the medium term of all evisceration tools on the same basis with a rapid change in the tools.

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