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Granulation PLC with information statements

GRANUL'AR-TEKH is an automatic system designed to control an organic pellet production line, including poultry droppings.

The GRANUL'AR-TEKH allows to set up and control the various stages of pellet manufacturing:

- Manual or automatic manufacturing launch

- De-diluting gross product

- Possible grinding

- Grain press power regulation

- Temperature maintenance: hygienic (70° - 60 min)

- Cooling

- Evacuation storage

- Automatic cycle end

The GRANUL'AR-TEKH records a manufacturing log: batch numbers, temperature history, process monitoring and editions of possible alerts. The manufacturing log is presented in Excel format, so very easy to operate via a PC, for all purposes, especially for the purpose of obtaining certification of hygienic NF U44-051.

The GRANUL'AR-TEKH is of course interactively available remotely via the internet network and dedicated application. These reports are transferable to the computer in Excel format, allowing for flawless data control and transmission.

This system is adaptable to any type of installation.

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