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Manage your replacements peacefully

Farmers today have difficulty being away from their farms and finding qualified farm workers to ensure the continuity of the activity during their absence. This situation is even more accentuated with the health crisis and qualified and trustworthy workers in agriculture are a rare resource nowadays. Two main issues are related to these replacements. The first is training, a time-consuming step for the farmer who must re-explain each time the processes of his farm. The second is the operational follow-up of the replacements, so that the farmer can ensure the good realization of the activities, but also that the farm worker can rely on a "support" in case of doubt or problem. REPLACE.ME aims to help farmers in the management and monitoring of replacements via an application available on PC and mobile. It presents functionalities for farmers that allow them to set up and monitor interventions, as well as functionalities for farm workers that allow them to enter intervention forms and interact with farmers via chat or video.

7, boulevard Nominoë
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