Animal competitions

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Every year, around 700 animals are exhibited at SPACE, selected for their high genetic value: 

- 550 cattle from 13 breeds: Prim'Holstein, Limousine, Normande, Montbéliarde, Charolaise, Salers, Jersey, Swiss Brown...

- 170 sheep and goats from 9 breeds: Ile-de-France, Mouton Vendéen, Suffolk, Charollais, Bleu du Main, Texel...

In 2018, Parthenais will be in the spotlight at SPACE 20018, for the first time!

A continuous spectacle in the main ring during the four days of SPACE with competitions, animal presentations and auctions like no other in the world!

Discover the complete programme in May.

While waiting for the 2018 edition, experience again SPACE 2017 animal competitions: 

Photo gallery of SPACE 2017 competitions:

Alice Bertrand, photographer at SPACE, settles in the main ring every year. Through her pictures, experience again the emotion of animal competitions!

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Videos of competitions:

Discover videos of all awarded animals at SPACE 2017 :

Full prize list

You can also find all the animal competitions results on the following page:

Photo gallery of animal competitions SPACE 2017