The 2017 breed event

The international renown genetic Show

With a European competition, two national competitions, 11 inter-regional competitions, breed presentations and a multi-breed auction, the SPACE 2017 Breed Event is going to be outstanding.

550 cattle of 13 different breeds will provide a continuous spectacle in the main ring during the four days of the Expo.

200 sheep and goats of 10 different breeds will also be shown.

Tuesday 12.09: the beef breeds Show with the Charolais and Ile de France national competitions

The various breeds of beef cattle will be in competition starting at 10.00.

Charolais cattle will be in the spotlight in the main ring in the afternoon, with their breed festival. 80 of the best animals in the breed will be competing.

Ile de France sheep will also be in the spotlight, with their national competition starting at 14.00 the first day of the Expo.

Concours national Charolais - SPACE 2017
Concours européen Simmental - SPACE 2017

Wednesday 13.09: the European Simmental Competition

At 14.00, the Simmental breed will be showcased with its European Competition. SPACE is proud to host this major breed event featuring animals selected from throughout Europe.


Obviously Franche Comté and Aveyron will be well represented, but cows from different French regions will show how the breed has grown throughout France. Animals from Germany and Austria, the two countries where the breed is in the majority, are expected.


Prior to the sale, a breed event organised by the group Evolution will take place in the main ring. Different themes will be addressed through livestock presentations, personal accounts from farmers and speeches by specialists, etc.


Wednesday morning will be devoted to the Normande breed with an inter-regional competition and breeding line presentation, followed by the Pie Rouge competition.


The day will end with the multi-breed auction. At 16.30, genotyped animals of 8 different breeds will be offered for sale with, in particular for the Charolais breed, young males.

Thursday 14.09: Prim'Hosltein Atlantique competition

The Prim’Holstein Atlantique competition will take place on Thursday, and the Grand Champion will be declared at the end of the afternoon. The inter-regional challenge will close the competition on Friday morning.

Concours Prim
Présentation équine - SPACE 2017

Friday 15.09: Dairy Breed Event and parade of prize-winners

The inter-regional competitions of the Montbéliarde, Jersey and French Brown breeds will take place on Friday. A horse breed presentation by the Brittany Horse Breeding Centre is also planned. The Show will end with the presentation of all the sheep and cattle who won prizes during the week.

Sheep and goats:

Continuously on show in Hall 1 and 1bis

Ovins et caprins - SPACE 2017